PORTFOLIO PLANNER is a software house specialised in developing software which improves portfolio, project and resource management.

Our main product is Portfolio Project, which is a piece of software, which reads project schedules of various formats and combines them into one Gantt. This allows fast decision making on current project data and imprvoce the possibility to deliver projets on time and budget.

Easy acess and overview of different platforms, formats and projects in a safe and agile way

The founder of the company, Daniel Højer, got the idea for the software some years ago, when he lacked features in the software, he used for planning. As a seasoned executive planner, he managed large projects with several schedules, often made in different software.

On one hand this forced him to use the same software as the planners, and on the other hand, the only way, he and the rest of the project organisation could get an overview of the whole project, was to create a lot of PDFs and manually hold them against each other before presenting status to the project management.

With Portfolio Project he now can read all the schedules and combine them into one Gantt and making reports based on current project data.

NNE implements our Portfolio Project Manager

Portfolio Planner launched an Enterprise version of our software in 2018. The name of the software product is Portfolio Project Manager.

Here in the beginning of 2019 NNE has decided to start implementation of this solution.

This Enterprise version has amongst other new functions, a smart user interface that makes it easy to administer read-only access to data, and a simple drag-and-drop to move employees between projects.

NNE has almost 2000 employees and provides engineering solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, also including Novo Nordisk.

Portfolio Planner and Atea, working together

Portfolio Planner and Atea Denmark have started working together. This will give all public offices easy, low-cost access to Portfolio Planner’s software products.

Portfolio Planner software is now part of the framework agreement 02.06 under SKI. SKI is a public procurement community owned by KL and the Danish State. Portfolio Planner products: Portfolio Project Solo, Portfolio Project Manager and Portfolio Project User are now a part of the share-agreement 2 - Microsoft compatible software.

Atea has more than 7400 employees and 4000 consultants, located in 87 offices in seven countries - Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.

Now you can import Excel plans

We at Portfolio Planner have just launched a new feature which enables you to import data from MS Excel to Portfolio Planner.

So now, as with planning tools MS Project and Primavera, your entire project organisation can have access to Real Time Data from projects that run in an Excel ark.  

This gives you a far better overview for everyone, giving important ownership and progress status across all projects.